Tools for Health & Wellness Professionals

Looking for an easier way to work with your clients?

WholeLifeQ offers Health and Wellness Professionals a wide range of tools to more efficiently work with their clients. From onboarding new clients with standardized questionnaires (including the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire) and analyzing your client's needs to monitoring your client's food log while you work with them; our tools will make information on your clients more accessible so you can have a greater impact.

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Tools for Working With Your Clients

Because paper forms are so 1999

Client Status, Data, and Priorities All in One Place

Quickly see the full picture of each client:

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire provides a quantitative way to evaluate and measure client's health and progress
  • Symptom burden charting and analysis to clearly communicate client's symptoms, demonstrate progress, and improves client compliance and satisfaction
  • Personalized client supplement recommendations
  • Customizable forms and questionnaires
  • Food & feeling logging
  • And much more...

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On-board New Clients

Send clients professional welcome emails inviting them to use the platform and request that clients fill out standard forms (including the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire), custom forms you created or fill out a food journal when they first log in or anytime in the future.

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Client Self Registration

Use your own custom link to have clients self register for the site and fill out your intake forms. This is a great option for situations like group classes where you have a set of people that you'd like to have join the site and receive a predetermined set of forms.

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Upload & Share Documents

Upload your publicly available documents, images, and PDFs (really any file type you want) and we'll generate a publicly available URL for you to send to your clients. This is a great way to provide digital access to handouts without having to always provide a paper copy.

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Food Logging Capabilities

  • Capture short term food logs for initial evaluation
  • Monitor food and feeling logs over time to demonstrate progress, identify potential dietary issues, or encourage compliance with dietary changes
  • Add client-visible comments to their food & feeling log

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Schedule & Book Appointments

Set up your own online appointment scheduler that allows you to publish your open appointment dates and times so your new or existing clients can easily sign-up to meet with you.

  • Set up flexible dates/hours
  • Define custom appointment types
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Code to embed the scheduler anywhere
  • Block out dates for holidays or vacations
  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Add buffers for time between meetings

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Privacy & Security

You and your client's information is important to us and we've designed our systems so that all data is encrypted when we store it off. All billing information is handled by Stripe. Stripe is a widely used payment processing service and they handle all billing for us. We don't store any of your credit card information on our servers.